Frequent moves, time away, and high military spouse unemployment rates make finances a primary stressor for 6 out of 7 active-duty families. Nextdoor has developed an innovative way to alleviate some of that stress and make it easy for military families to earn and save money.

- Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO of Blue Star Families

Sell your unwanted items

With all the moving military families do, you may often find yourself with household goods you no longer need. Nextdoor makes it easy to connect with neighbors who may be looking for those very items and can take them off your hands quickly.

Over the past six months, For Sale & Free listings in the US sold an average of $179 million per month.*

Grab items for free or discounted prices

Pick up items you need for free from neighbors, or bargain for a discounted price! Top categories include furniture and home decor, clothing and accessories for adults and children, appliances and electronics, plus auto, gardening, pets, and sports. It’s super easy! Here are some For Sale & Free tips.


Over the past six months, For Sale & Free listings in the US sold an average of $179 million per month.*

For sale & free
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Become a Neighbor for Hire

Have a side hustle? If you can provide a casual service to others (like dog walking, babysitting, or gardening), you can use Nextdoor as a Neighbor for Hire! Share information about the services you provide, and your experience, so neighbors can easily find you when they’re in need. All you need to do is JOIN NEXTDOOR and follow these easy steps:


Click “Neighbor for Hire” and select which category best describes your service.

Complete your profile

Ensure that your contact information is up-to-date, add a profile photo, and write a neighborly greeting message that describes the services you offer and why neighbors should choose you for their needs.


Share the link to your Business Page on the “Your reputation” tab with your clients when asking for recommendations. The number of recommendations you have will appear on your Business Page.

Interact with neighbors 1:1

Neighbors can send you private messages through your Business Page inquiring about your availability, pricing, and more. Make sure to respond promptly!

If you don’t already provide a casual service, but earning extra income is top-of-mind, here are some tips to start a side hustle in your local community as an additional source of income. Nextdoor has plenty of resources from helping you price your dog walking to making your real estate business stand out on Nextdoor.

Groups on Nextdoor


Groups on Nextdoor

Joining groups on Nextdoor is a great way to offer your services or find work. While some of Nextdoor’s most popular groups focus on health, home, or pets, jobs and services is the #1 group category in the U.S.* In fact, two of the largest neighbor-created groups in the U.S. are Houston’s “Now Hiring” (#5) and “Side Hustles (#11) groups. Check out NEXTDOOR GROUPS today, and you could be earning more money tomorrow!


Posting on Nextdoor is the best way to instantly connect with those nearby, like your new neighbors. Whether you're selling an outgrown bike, or just want to meet someone new, it’s simple to do. And guess what? It's good for the mind and the body. Research shows that knowing just six neighbors reduces feelings of depression, social anxiety, and financial concerns So, say hello to someone new on Nextdoor today!

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